You Can’t Do That is a hockey podcast from 4 know-it-alls who know a medium amount.


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You Can’t Do That is a podcast about hockey from four women who have more opinions than information and LOTS of feelings about the Washington Capitals. These enthusiastically self-righteous idiots aren't here to win - they're here to make friends! (And talk about which hockey players are cats and which are dogs.) Join the Hockey Coven of Catie, Eva, Kelly, and Rave every Wednesday for jokes and yelling about the latest league headlines, player antics, and more.


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“A wonderful, zippy sugar rush of love, friendship, and shared enthusiasm for large slabs of men. Listening to this is like being invited to the Cool Kids’ sleepovers, if the Cool Kids were four horny women who I also wanted to be my moms.”



Check out the full list of players, teams, and concepts about whom the YCDT hosts have honked lovingly and indignantly. (Have someone to nominate? Get in touch!)

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