What? / You Can't Do That: A Hockey Podcast

What's this podcast about and why are we making it in the first place?

What is this?


Girls + mics + hockey

You Can’t Do That is a podcast about hockey from four women who have more opinions than information and LOTS of feelings about the Washington Capitals. These enthusiastically self-righteous idiots aren't here to win - they're here to make friends! (And talk about which hockey players are cats and which are dogs.) Join Catie, Eva, Kelly, and Rave every Wednesday for jokes and yelling about the latest league headlines, player antics, and more.



I'LL HAVE NONE OF YOUR GUFF!! (Just watch this.)


Cool. how do i listen?

YCDT is available for you to stream, subscribe, rate, and review on:

or give us a listen right here. And follow us on your preferred social media network(s) - we're on Twitter and Tumblr - to get notified when new episodes land.



YCDT is produced by Laura Reineke and Danielle Savoy of Never Not Media and edited by Danielle. (Learn more about us and the hosts here.)

Our theme music is by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder. Their Bandcamp is essential listening.

Kay Wilson designed our gorgeous cover art; she’s on Twitter and Insta, and you can see her portfolio here.

The wonderful Bethany illustrated our bio page portraits. Check out more of their work on Tumblr and Twitter.


i have more questions.

No worries! You can email us at youcantdothatpod @ gmail, tweet us @youcantdohockey, or shoot us a message via this handy contact form.


How can i support the pod?

Thank you so much for asking. We’ve got a few options for you right here.