#27: A Hard Left Back to Chaos Town

"Look tough while tenderizing your meat.”

This episode's got a lot going for it, including a timely pulse check on the non-Capitals teams we've chosen (or been forced) to love and a hefty dose of real earnestness. [Also, a content warning: There's some frank talk about mental health, including suicidal ideation, in this week's Dreamboat segment. Check out the timecodes below if you need to skip around it.]

04:15 - #ALLCAPS
21:00 - NHL chitchat
33:20 - Eva's dreamboat
43:35 - Secret Satan
1:06:26 - Listener questions


Dreamboat of the Week:
Ben Meisner

Works Cited:
”I’m Not Connor McDavid” by Ben Meisner - Players’ Tribune, August 2018
Black Girl Hockey Club / @BlackGirlHockey

This episode was recorded on December 17, 2018.
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