#38: White Wine On An ATV

"I'm reading your face like it's story time."

We peered through our binoculars and spotted the Stanley Cup in the distance, beginning its annual pilgrimage toward us. Thank god we've got Jay Beagle's flip phone handy in case of emergency. Also: Girl Talk, broken noses, and prom themes.

3:10 - #ALLCAPS
9:10 - NHL: Playoffs update!
20:00 - Catie's dreamboat
34:10 - Forced Bonding
49:28 - Listener questions


Dreamboat of the Week:
Jay Beagle

This episode was recorded on March 10, 2019.
We had an audio problem on Catie’s end this week, as you will definitely hear. We’re sorry about that and we thank you for sticking with us anyway!
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