#49: Spooking A Hunk

"Just a couple of Nicks."

As aspiring hockeys are put through the ringer, the coven contemplates which tasks could better measure their mettle. Along the way: sighing at the Stanley Cup, laughing at ECHL trophy drama, and following up re: our Alabama Baby Thot.

2:51 - Stanley Cup Finals
12:09 - IIHF Worlds
13:49 - One more thing about the SCF tho
15:19 - ...and back to Worlds
16:19 - #AthletesAndActivism
21:18 - The ECHL trophy
26:08 - Rave's dreamboat
41:35 - Coven Combine
1:00:30 - Listener questions


Dreamboat of the Week:
Nic Dowd

This episode was recorded on June 2, 2019.
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