#50: Projected Misery

"We're the uncomfortable clowns."

Between the Holtbys at Pride and a possible sockeye mascot in Seattle, Rave, Catie, Kelly, and Eva don't have a ton of energy left for, say, either of the teams competing in the Stanley Cup Final. They did save some for a certain Edmonton center's infinite sadness, though! Oh boy, did they ever.

3:25 - Stanley Cup Final(ly)
10:58 - Women's World Cup
11:51 - Trade talk
18:32 - Seattle expansion
22:39 - Holtbys @ Pride
29:15 - Eva's despairboat
46:20 - The Party Planning Committee
1:04:30 - Listener questions


Dreamboat of the Week:
Connor McDavid’s Misery

This episode was recorded on June 9, 2018.
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