#53: YCDT's Senior Hockeys Sanctuary (Listener Questions 2019)

"Ride in the hot tub truck."

We're wrapping up Season 2 of YCDT with another all-listener-questions ep! Which movie needs to be remade with hockeys? How would Gritty spend a day with the Stanley Cup? Why does the pod "hate" water signs? And most importantly, what does Producer Danielle think about PK coming to the Devils?? Your hosts are here and ready to advise.


This episode (including the video bonus segment below) was recorded on June 30, 2018.
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In this special video bonus*, Catie, Eva, Kelly, Rave, and silent partner Producer Danielle reflect on a flurry of NHL activity, including Brooks Orpik's retirement, the departure of our sweet Bonky, some extremely on-brand Phil Kessel shenanigans, and more~

*It was supposed to be part of the regular episode but we had technical difficulties lol