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Patreon is an online platform that makes it easy for fans (you!) to support the creators/projects they love (this!) through monthly pledged donations.

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We love all our listeners, but our patrons hold a super special place in our cavernous concrete hearts, and we’ve curated a real bounty of treasure in thanks. Pledge to YCDT and you’ll get loads of bonus content - think exclusive audio segments and behind-the-scenes videos from our recording sessions - plus first dibs on new merch, access to a fans-only Discord full of hockey talk, special treats, personalized gifts, and more.

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If a one-time donation is more your speed, we’re also set up on PayPal. And we could definitely get hyped for a Venmo or Cash App transaction. We’ll even try to understand Bitcoin if that’s what’s up.

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Every Bit Really, Truly Helps

Besides making the YCDT crew feel DEEPLY loved, your dollars help us to cover our recurring expenses:

  • web hosting

  • video conferencing

  • art/music licensing

  • audio recording/editing software

  • equipment maintenance

Consistent funding means we can spend more time thinking about the pod and how to grow it - more episodes? More merch? Live shows??? - and less time thinking about, you know, bills.